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Day One – Cyber Crime Risk

Following the Cloud Summit day one of the 8th Annual CISO Summit and Roundtable starts with Detective Superintendent Charlie McMurdie, Head of the Police Central e-crime Unit (PCeU). Providing an overview of the National approach to cyber crime programme. ‘National harm, national impact’ and briefly shares some limited details on several success stories on arrest operations.

Don Randall, Chairman of the ‘Sister Banks’ gives his opinion on some of the threats as he sees it and some opportunities to engage with all levels of staff.

Mike Maddison and Sir David Pepper from Deloitte raise the level with Cyber risk should be at board level.

A very interesting and dynamic presentation by Michael Colao, Head of Information Security at Beazley on Insuring against cyber security risks.

And now for the break and expresso.

Back from a break and now it’s Don Randall MBE, Master of The Worshipful Company of Security Professionals who announced yesterday (7th June 2011) the first ten Registrants have been admitted to the new Register of Chartered Security Professionals who is chairing the panel on ‘Advanced persistent cyber threats and critical infrastructure protection’.

Amongst the panelist are Charlie McMurdie, Jim Reavis of Cloud Security Alliance, Eddie Schwartz newly appointed Head of Security at RSA who got a big laugh at his introduction of company. So far we talked about Olympics, 7/7, cyber crime and data loss but obvisouly no public comments on the current RSA issues, to soon me thinks.

Very informative discussion from the panel and nicely rounds off the first part of the days proceedings. A final presentation from one of the sponsors Courion then it’s lunch and more expresso.

Now back from lunch, which incidentally was good I especially love the fact wine was on the table. You’ve got to admire the Italians approach to eating.

Next up is the turn of Dr Simon Singh on ‘The science of secrecy’ which was fascinating and inspired by that presentation I’ve decided to leave and concentrate on my own presentation for tomorrow on Combating and Managing Security Risk through Security Assurance.

I have been very impresses with the quality of the presenters and MIS Training who organised the event no it’s off to sponsored drinks and dinner in the centre of Rome somewhere. More tomorrow and my turn in front of this very experienced audience.

Day Two – Security Governance

The second day starts for me with a presentation on Beyond the Cloud by the very entertaining Ray Stanton of British Telecom and there was some funny moments between him and the chair Marcus Alldrick CISO Lloyds.

Next up Dr John Meakin from BP discussing BP’s approach to information security.

Lunch and wine complete now back with a presentation by Nils Puhlmann co-founder and CSO of Zynga who created Mafia Wars and other similar games and apps talking about security innovation – are we keeping up.

Next the Technology challenge of identity and access intelligence by my new friends and tour guides at Whitebox Security. Shlomi Wexter discusses. Very passionate and interesting talk.

CISO ‘Think Tank’ up next. Time for me to prepare for my presentation on Security Risk and Assurance.

Presentation delivered, off for a quick meeting about planning the Round Table slot, drink then dinner.

Final full day for me tomorrow, will be busy with the Round Table section of proceedings, then travelling home so will hopefully will post a wash up in the next couple of days.

Day Three – Round Table

This is the part of the event that more and different people that haven’t been at the summit turn up especially for this discussion. This is the opportunity for any and all to be involved in the questioning and challenging today’s issues through a series of pre prepared and supplied questions by the audience. This is also the first time I have been invited to do something like this so I am very much looking forward to assisting in facilitating the day.

Unfortunately I cannot say too much about the content as we all promised up front to be discreet (‘Chatham House Rule’ apply) or more simpler, The first rule of the Round Table is you do not talk about the Round Table, the second rule of the Round Table is …… well you can see where I am going with that so I’ll stop there. Nothing further to report only that I have been very surprised by the fact I’ve actually learnt a few new things and met some interesting people which I intend to keep in touch with and as conferences go that doesn’t happen very often, of course the food and wine was typically Italian . Ciao per ora. Richard

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