All this talk about information security is making me #wannacry

Wow the amount of information/cyber security ‘professionals’ that have suddenly come out the wood work is amazing! I’m seeing a lot of message in LinkedIn saying ‘contact us about ransomware’ or ‘are impacted by ransomware contact xxx for assistance’. I guess this gravy train will go on for  a few weeks yet. In my binary head the message seems simple:

  1. Patch your computers
  2. Harden your defenses
  3. Run a decent anti-virus
  4. Ensure that you have secure backups
  5. Raise awareness across your employees (unfortunately the weakest link seems to be us Humans??!!)

One interesting piece that I read on Twitter related to Sophos and how they have amended their website marketing relating to one of their clients…the NHS! Follow the updates below, this was originally posted by @maldr0id 

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The Bad

The Ugly


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