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Today I attended day one of the Information Security Executive Summit delivered by Tech:Touchstone at the Richmond Hill Hotel. This is a summit where practitioners and end users meet in a speed presentation dating environment. An environment I think works quite well if you are considering purchases in the InfoSec application arena.

The day started with the usual introductions and housekeeping by the event Director Russ Morrow @russmorrow then straight into an Opening Keynote on Data Leakage by the Global Head of Information Security at UBS, who may have been lost in translation a little by basically he was saying that although good any Data Leakage tool on their own are useless. It’s more about policy, processes, procedures, people, culture, very refreshing. Then we moved onto the PCeU and DI responsible for Industry Liaison who shared with us the background of enforcement input combatting cybercrime.

When attending an event similar to this you have to undertake a number of networking and 1-2-1 sessions with sponsors, which is certainly a fair trade for attending and participating. There is always a constant supply of coffee and it’s never the hard sell, so I think most people are happy to trade.
After a break it was the turn of the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) and their principle policy advisor, who and you probably won’t be surprised certainly got the attention of those attending supported by a lively discussion.

You can always measure a summit or conference by the facilities, presenters and food provided and so far Tech: Touchstone haven’t disappointed. Mini Fish and Chips on offer, I might be easily pleased but that gets my vote straight away.

Coming up in the afternoon session are speakers from The BIG Lottery Fund talking mobile working and closing with the Head of Information Security from Oxfam. More to follow, but so far very impressed on day one, day two can go either way but that’s down to me as I’m presenting in the afternoon on security risk, assurance and what type of things affect me from a very noon technological int of view.

Of course before any of that is drinks, more networking And a gala dinner as organised and prepared by the renowned chef Brian Turner who retweeted one of my earlier tweets saying I was looking forward to dinner tonight and that was about 10am in the morning.
More to follow but for now if you want to follow proceedings at the summit search and follow #techtouch on twitter.

Catch up soon. Richard
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