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Security: Google SOS alerts now shown in results and via maps #security

Google has launched a new capability for search results and maps which shows natural disasters and ‘other’ crisis. They have partnered with various agencies including the Red Cross, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and various others to source this information.

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Security: @Syinstitute #itsyourinstitute – Assistance required! Can you spare some time?

In my network are many members of the Security Institute (SyI) and as you may know I was recently voted in as a Director. My portfolio has been confirmed as ‘Membership Growth, Retention and Sustainability’. This is one of most

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All this talk about information security is making me #wannacry

Wow the amount of information/cyber security ‘professionals’ that have suddenly come out the wood work is amazing! I’m seeing a lot of message in LinkedIn saying ‘contact us about ransomware’ or ‘are impacted by ransomware contact xxx for assistance’. I

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My first 100 hours as a Security Institute Director #itsyourinstitute

Since Tuesday I have received a great deal of congratulations messages and I feel proud to be able to represent my industry peers in the future development of the institute.  Unfortunately in my first 100 hours I haven’t achieved a

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Successful in being appointed @syinstitute board of directors #itsyourinstitute :-) #SyIAGM2017 

Today was the Security Institutes (SyI) AGM which of course meant it was also Director voting time….I am very pleased to say that with enough members votes I was appointed to the Institutes board. A big thank you to anyone who

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Standing for a Security Institute Director Position – PLEASE VOTE FOR ME #ItsYourInstitute

I have decided to stand for a Director position at the Security Institute (SyI). I am passionate about the security industry and I believe that the SyI plays a key role in not only increasing the industry profile but also the

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Travel Security – US bound flights to ban most electronic devices

Typical!! Just as I’m about to venture onto a 9 hr flight, with my only saving grace being the iPad’s my kids will have surgically attached to them… The US has announced a ban on electronic devices from cabin baggage

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Fraud & Security – Social Engineering Awareness Workshop via @Jenny_Radcliffe

Social engineering is becoming increasingly common as a means by which fraudsters gain access to companies’ and organisations’ data and systems. Employees are tricked by fraudsters into breaching security protocols or giving away information – exploiting people as the weakest

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Personal Security: CitizenAID app aims to help save lives in a terror attack

       Members of the public are being encouraged to download a new mobile application in an effort to save lives during a terror attack. Developed by military and civilian medics, the CitizenAID app helps to guide people through basic

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Security: The reflective glasses that could make you (well your face) ‘invisible’ to security cameras

I’m not sure if these are a good idea or not! 272 Backers on Kickstarter think they are…. The accessory, called ‘Reflectacles’, reflect light off of the wearer’s face  This increases visibility and confuses security cameras’ infrared sensors  The crowdfunded

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