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And your employees can be there for you in London’s biggest year….

Your organisation can be there for London through the Employer Supported Policing (ESP) programme. Support your employees by giving them a little paid leave each month and they’ll benefit from all the in-depth training that comes with being a special constable. When on duty with the Met for 16 hours a month, they’ll have the same uniform and carry the same powers of arrest as a regular police officer. So they’ll not only be helping to keep your local area safe. They’ll also be bringing a host of useful new skills, confidence, experience and contacts back to your business.

  • Any size organisation can get involved, including small businesses
  • It’s easy to sign up, with no direct payment from you – just your staff’s time
  • World class training for any number of your employees
  • Help tackle crime in your organisation’s local area or industry
  • You’ll have off-duty police officers working in your organisation – a visible, powerful boost to business security, continuity and resilience, especially in 2012
    Why not help your employees be there for London in 2012, the year of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.
    Get involved before 30 November 2011 and your staff could be trained, on the beat and in your business in time for the most high-profile year London will see for a generation.

    Find out more about introducing ESP to your organisation at www.met.police.uk/esp
    or to get involved now contact online or call 020 7161 2651.

    Also, click on the below video to find out more about volunteering as a police officer.


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