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Olympics Security – Commemorative coin to the police and members of the armed forces

Today the Prime Minister has announced that a commemorative coin will be given to all police and armed forces personnel who helped to deliver the biggest peacetime security operation since WWII. This is a great way of rewarding the 18,000+

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Olympics Security – Why did G4S bite off more than it could chew?

Questions continue to be asked as to how things went so wrong for G4S, they have even commissioned an independent review by PwC into the failings. I have recently written on Chatback Security and Twitter a number of points relating

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Olympics Security – Before, During and After

For a number of years security has been a topic for conversation for anyone involved or interested in the London 2012 Games and I think its fair to say controversy  has never been far away! In the run up to the

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Olympic Security: G4S Blunder Results in 3,500 Extra Soldiers – Public Sector 1 Private Sector 0

Barely two weeks before the ‘greatest show on earth’ starts and yet another Olympics security scare, but this time its not suspected terrorists being disrupted but a scandal linked to the company (G4S) who are playing a significant role in

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Olympics Security: Social media key to Olympic policing efforts

British police aim to use Twitter and Facebook as key weapons against crime during the forthcoming Olympic Games, according to London Transport Police chief constable Andrew Totter. Totter told the National Security 2012 conference in London that public campaigns designed

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Olympics Security : MI5 Director General gives speech to Mansion House audience

Jonathan Evans, the Director General of the Security Service, has given an address titled “The Olympics and Beyond” at the Lord Mayor’s inaugural annual Defence and Security Lecture. Speaking at the Mansion House, the official residence of the Lord Mayor

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Meet the Metropolitan Police Service Olympic Torch Security Team

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Video: London 2012 crowds to bring Olympic security challenge for CCTV team

CCTV is an area which often receives bad press but on this occasion it’s key to the security of Olympics. The Westminster Control Centre is impressive and has a very good track record in assisting with the prevention and detection of crime

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Security at the Olympics

Below is a summary of some of the latests ‘security preparations’ at the Olympics disposal: snipers on rooftops the berthing of HMS Ocean at Greenwich, with a number of Royal Navy Lynx helicopters embarked the deployment of HMS Bulwark and other

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Just Received This Email Titled: The True Jubilee 2012

I received this via my work email address., maybe  a revolution is planned! Dear Freeman, The year 2012 is the year of the True Jubilee. The Jubilee means redistributing all the wealth of the nation among its citizens. The wealth

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