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The Value of Security: So you really think security is just a waste of money?

As with most of us I am on LinkedIn and daily I read the normal self-inflating egotistical rubbish (and yes sometimes I do also fall under that heading), but today I came across a Pulse article that I really found interesting

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Security – Compensation and Market Trends Report 2015 via @BarclaySimpson

The Barclay Simpson 2015 Mid-Year Report combines a review of the prevailing conditions in the security recruitment market with the results of a comprehensive compensation survey, covering both permanent and contract security practitioners. The results of the survey, together with their own

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180,000 reasons why you shouldn’t forget about physical security via @BrianHonan

I sometimes talk about how Physical Security is forgotten and often at the peril of individuals and/or corporate bodies. This morning on my commute I came across an interesting blog article highlighting exactly this point! The article is provided by BH Consulting’s Security

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The Security Fear Factor

There is a developing trend to enhance security often beyond the perceived risk that you or a business will probably ever be exposed to. Some would class this as an obsession and others well it’s ‘risk based’. The question of

Guest Post: The Zombie Killing (Security) Industry

You probably saw the recent 2013 budget-based Channel 4 news report on “Zombie Britain”. Zombies seem to be getting everywhere of late; TV, films, video games etc., but it is obvious the UK economy isn’t doing quite so well. Even

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Protective Security: Just how many companies pay lip service to security?

It’s interesting that since retiring from NaCTSO I have conducted many security, threat and vulnerability assessments and have been frequently been amazed at just how businesses, some of which have similar security issues have such diverse attitudes to threat and risk and

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Physical Security: Is Your Property Safe and Secure This Winter?

This is an excellent Infographic from Custodian Guards Source: Uploaded by user via Paul on Pinterest

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