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All this talk about information security is making me #wannacry

Wow the amount of information/cyber security ‘professionals’ that have suddenly come out the wood work is amazing! I’m seeing a lot of message in LinkedIn saying ‘contact us about ransomware’ or ‘are impacted by ransomware contact xxx for assistance’. I

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Security and Resilience Market Report 2016 via @BarclaySimpson

The Barclay Simpson 2016 Market Report combines a review of the prevailing conditions in the security & resilience recruitment market together with the results of their latest employer survey. They look to analyse and discuss the latest trends in the

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The Security Fear Factor

There is a developing trend to enhance security often beyond the perceived risk that you or a business will probably ever be exposed to. Some would class this as an obsession and others well it’s ‘risk based’. The question of

Email Security: Do people get fooled by these emails? #phishing #scam

Landing in my inbox today is an email from the FBI, yes an actual email from the FBI (or so it would have me believe)! From Special Agent TIMOTHY GALLAGHER on behalf of the FBI Director COMEY (who is the

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Let’s Not Forget The Physical Security Threat

Of course in reality we don’t but at times it can be difficult to get the relevant committees or c-suite members to listen when the recent incidents or risk perception are low. We regularly read figures which demonstrate the attempted

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Security – Compensation and Market Trends Report 2014 via @BarclaySimpson

It’s pretty clear that the global financial situation is on the up turn but this trend report further demonstrates how resilient the security sector is and the progress made in the last 12 months. As security risks alter on an almost weekly

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Cyber Security : The Cyber Streetwise Campaign via @cyberstreetwise

A new campaign launched by the UK government is focusing on changing attitudes to online security among consumers and small businesses, called Cyber Streetwise. Cyber Streetwise is urging people to take five actions in order to protect themselves and others from cyber crime: Use

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Happy New Year! Security Predictions for 2014…

There are some major events planned for 2014 including the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia (Volgograd has had some recent terrorist incidents), the World Cup in Brazil in July (what more can I say), the Glasgow Commonwealth Games in July/August,

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Travel/Info Security: Who Needs Social Engineering…..Don’t Forget Your Laptop!

It never ceases to amaze me the amount of information that travellers on trains share with their fellow passengers. Five passengers within touching distance (sounds a bit pervy) were using laptops for business (two of which worked for large UK

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Information Security: Five of the Biggest Hacking Attacks

The hacking attack on three South Korean broadcasters and at least two banks could be one of the largest operations of its kind. Here are some of the most significant security breaches of recent years. South Korean authorities have suggested

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