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The Future of Cyber Security: Cyber Security, CNI and the Citizen 2013

Cyber Security, CNI and the Citizen 2013 is a one-day conference and exhibition for senior decision-makers of central and local government organisations, NGOs and major private sector enterprises.  It takes place on 21 March at the Brittania Hotel, Canary Wharf,

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Information Security: ‘Need to Know for Security Managers’. Sign up now for this free informative series via ISC2

While security managers today are tasked with many things, the overall goal remains to maintain the confidence, integrity and availability of your organization. The key to securing your organization is in having a strong team. That’s why ISC2 are bringing you The

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Information Security: Tips for protecting your computer in 2013

The threat on your personal computer is becoming increasingly serious, so here’s some tips on how to better protect you and your family in the new year More than 12 million people in the UK alone were affected by online

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Cyber Security – UK to Launch Public Awareness Campaign

The Cabinet Office is to launch a public cyber security awareness programme early this year aimed at improving the online security of consumers and small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The initiative is part of the government’s cyber security strategy, aimed at

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IT/Cyber Security: How hackers exploit ‘the seven deadly sins’

By Prof Alan Woodward Department of Computing, University of Surrey. Originally posted on BBC. Cybercriminals are more than willing to exploit instincts which make users vulnerable The phenomenon of “social engineering” is behind the vast majority of successful hacking. This

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UK Cyber Security Strategy: (ISC)2’s John Colley calls for more focus on “grassroots” awareness and skills development

Media Alert (ISC)2’s John Colley calls for more focus on “grassroots” awareness and skills development in the UK Cyber Security Strategy London, U.K., 4 December 2012 – Francis Maude’s ministerial statement on the ‘Progress of the UK Cyber Security Strategy’ falls

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Tackling The Cyber Threat

Cyber crime, espionage and attacks pose a major threat to the national security and economic success of the UK. A year ago, the Government launched its National Cyber Security Strategy to set out how the UK can support economic prosperity,

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Infographic of the week: Why Ignoring Information Security is Lethal

Originally posted on London Love Business on 21/11/12

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Are Multi Functional Devices (MFD’s) a Security Risk?

Has this advanced technology lead to even more security risks? I was recently asked about how to dispose of one of these devices and subesequently found  (with a little help from my friends) that it contained a 40gb hard disk drive

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Personnel Security: 2 Day Internet Investigations/Open Source Intelligence Course

I have spent the last two days on an Internet Investigation course (aka Internet Intelligence or Open Source Intelligence) and I must say its one of the best courses I have attended! I consider myself to have a fairly high

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