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It’s all about me: The IFSEC Global security & fire influencers 2018 #IFSEC

I haven’t posted here for a while so shame on me, but I think this deserves one.  Firstly thanks to the person (highly probable) or persons (unlikely) that nominated me for this years Security Thought Leadership listing. Since becoming a

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Successful in being appointed @syinstitute board of directors #itsyourinstitute :-) #SyIAGM2017 

Today was the Security Institutes (SyI) AGM which of course meant it was also Director voting time….I am very pleased to say that with enough members votes I was appointed to the Institutes board. A big thank you to anyone who

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Personal Security: How to break free from duct tape restraints

Who knows when you might be bundled into the back of a Transit or get caught out when doing some role playing at home 😉 Simply raise your arms over your head as far as you can In a swift

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Security – Compensation and Market Trends Report 2015 via @BarclaySimpson

The Barclay Simpson 2015 Mid-Year Report combines a review of the prevailing conditions in the security recruitment market with the results of a comprehensive compensation survey, covering both permanent and contract security practitioners. The results of the survey, together with their own

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Security Risk Management: Proactive vs. Reactive

Recently I was asked what is the difference between proactive or reactive security management? It’s a good question and one that I have heard several times recently. For me reactive is dealing with or responding to an incident or situation or question…..with

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180,000 reasons why you shouldn’t forget about physical security via @BrianHonan

I sometimes talk about how Physical Security is forgotten and often at the peril of individuals and/or corporate bodies. This morning on my commute I came across an interesting blog article highlighting exactly this point! The article is provided by BH Consulting’s Security

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The Security Fear Factor

There is a developing trend to enhance security often beyond the perceived risk that you or a business will probably ever be exposed to. Some would class this as an obsession and others well it’s ‘risk based’. The question of

The Obligatory End of Year Security Post

2014 has been an interesting year with a lot of global security incidents, trends and geopolitical issues. Some of these have caused us more headaches then others and some have even caused a few sleepless nights! We have heard from

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Security – Compensation and Market Trends Report 2014 via @BarclaySimpson

It’s pretty clear that the global financial situation is on the up turn but this trend report further demonstrates how resilient the security sector is and the progress made in the last 12 months. As security risks alter on an almost weekly

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Future Regulatory Regime for the Private Security Industry

If your business conducts investigation services in the private industry then you are hopefully aware that the Government intends to regulate you (via the SIA). This is similar to Security Guarding, Public Space Surveillance etc. If you haven’t read it

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