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Personal Security: CitizenAID app aims to help save lives in a terror attack

       Members of the public are being encouraged to download a new mobile application in an effort to save lives during a terror attack. Developed by military and civilian medics, the CitizenAID app helps to guide people through basic

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Security: The reflective glasses that could make you (well your face) ‘invisible’ to security cameras

I’m not sure if these are a good idea or not! 272 Backers on Kickstarter think they are…. The accessory, called ‘Reflectacles’, reflect light off of the wearer’s face  This increases visibility and confuses security cameras’ infrared sensors  The crowdfunded

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Physical Security – House of Commons Personal Security Advisor

The Houses of Commons are seeking to recruit a full time ‘Personal Security Advisor’ to ensure that MP’s are protected whilst away from Parliament. The role will be based in the Parliamentary Security Directorate at Westminster and will have a

Corporate Security: Is security keeping up with the Kardashian’s?

Upwards of £8m stolen is a serious heist in anyone’s book, to put this into perspective the Hatton Garden robbery in April 2015 was estimated at £14m. Further information is slowly trickling through about the incident but the fingers are already

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Travel security – How safe is your next trip?

The recent awful bombings in Istanbul have again raised concerns regarding the likelihood of us being exposed to such incidents whilst travelling for business or even when holidaying with our families. Most businesses have some form of travel security and

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How to deal with a security breach….Old Trafford bomb error a ‘devastating mistake’

Can there be anything worst for a security company then the mistakes made in the lead up to the home match of Manchester United and Bournemouth? Of course this is in relation to the fake bomb that was left behind

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Physical Security: What’s the cost of protecting a company executive?

It’s been reported that Mark Zuckerberg had security expenses of $5m in 2015, $6.2m in 2014 and $3.3m in 2013. Now that’s a hefty amount (more than some companies’ annual security budgets) and probably more than most other A-list celebrities or

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Travel Security and Safety: The World is A Scary Place

Anyone who works in Corporate Security, Travel Risk or just reads a newspaper will know that we are in very interesting times, with businesses and employees becoming increasingly nervous about travelling almost anywhere, let alone to ‘high’ risks destinations. The shocking

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Personal Security: How to break free from duct tape restraints

Who knows when you might be bundled into the back of a Transit or get caught out when doing some role playing at home 😉 Simply raise your arms over your head as far as you can In a swift

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Security and Resilience Market Report 2016 via @BarclaySimpson

The Barclay Simpson 2016 Market Report combines a review of the prevailing conditions in the security & resilience recruitment market together with the results of their latest employer survey. They look to analyse and discuss the latest trends in the

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