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Corporate Security: Stay Safe Run, Hide, Tell

An information film that provides advice on the steps to take to keep safe in the event of a firearms or weapons attack has been released to the public by National Counter Terrorism Policing. Recent events around the world remind

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Physical Security: National Counter Terrorism Awareness Week 2015 #CounterTerrorismUK

Today sees the launch of national Counter Terrorism Awareness Week 2015, a campaign from the police service and partners to inform the public about the terrorism threat; what is being done to tackle it; how communities can help, and offering

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Security Risk Management: Proactive vs. Reactive

Recently I was asked what is the difference between proactive or reactive security management? It’s a good question and one that I have heard several times recently. For me reactive is dealing with or responding to an incident or situation or question…..with

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The Security Fear Factor

There is a developing trend to enhance security often beyond the perceived risk that you or a business will probably ever be exposed to. Some would class this as an obsession and others well it’s ‘risk based’. The question of

Let’s Not Forget The Physical Security Threat

Of course in reality we don’t but at times it can be difficult to get the relevant committees or c-suite members to listen when the recent incidents or risk perception are low. We regularly read figures which demonstrate the attempted

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Security – Compensation and Market Trends Report 2014 via @BarclaySimpson

It’s pretty clear that the global financial situation is on the up turn but this trend report further demonstrates how resilient the security sector is and the progress made in the last 12 months. As security risks alter on an almost weekly

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Happy New Year! Security Predictions for 2014…

There are some major events planned for 2014 including the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia (Volgograd has had some recent terrorist incidents), the World Cup in Brazil in July (what more can I say), the Glasgow Commonwealth Games in July/August,

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Key to the success of Counter Terror Expo, which has grown year-on-year to become the largest international counter terrorism and security event of its kind, is its responsiveness to real world events. This responsiveness will be fully reflected in the

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“Security Was Lax Because of Budget Cuts”

So how many times have we heard these immortal words…..’we have no budget’. For most security managers we hear this fairly often and its just a way of business, and no matter how frustrating its just a fact of life.

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Security Awareness: Explaining the importance of following security procedures via CPNI

A short film aimed at all staff working across the national infrastructure explaining the importance of following security procedures and how everyday measures – all based on best practice advice provided by CPNI – can help reduce vulnerabilities in organisations.

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