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Travel Security and Safety: The World is A Scary Place

Anyone who works in Corporate Security, Travel Risk or just reads a newspaper will know that we are in very interesting times, with businesses and employees becoming increasingly nervous about travelling almost anywhere, let alone to ‘high’ risks destinations. The shocking

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Personal Security: How to break free from duct tape restraints

Who knows when you might be bundled into the back of a Transit or get caught out when doing some role playing at home 😉 Simply raise your arms over your head as far as you can In a swift

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Security and Resilience Market Report 2016 via @BarclaySimpson

The Barclay Simpson 2016 Market Report combines a review of the prevailing conditions in the security & resilience recruitment market together with the results of their latest employer survey. They look to analyse and discuss the latest trends in the

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Physical security a growing threat to organisations

Physical security is seen as growing concern for business continuity professionals, according to the fifth annual Horizon Scan Report published by the Business Continuity Institute, in association with BSI. Among the ranks of potential threats that organizations face, acts of

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Corporate Security: Stay Safe Run, Hide, Tell

An information film that provides advice on the steps to take to keep safe in the event of a firearms or weapons attack has been released to the public by National Counter Terrorism Policing. Recent events around the world remind

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The Value of Security: So you really think security is just a waste of money?

As with most of us I am on LinkedIn and daily I read the normal self-inflating egotistical rubbish (and yes sometimes I do also fall under that heading), but today I came across a Pulse article that I really found interesting

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Physical Security: National Counter Terrorism Awareness Week 2015 #CounterTerrorismUK

Today sees the launch of national Counter Terrorism Awareness Week 2015, a campaign from the police service and partners to inform the public about the terrorism threat; what is being done to tackle it; how communities can help, and offering

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Retail Security – Does The Bag Tax = More Shoplifting?

Retail losses were £603m in 2014 and this was a 10 year high but retailers are appear obsessed with protecting 5p carrier bags. Recently I tweeted about a Marks and Spencer store in Central London that allowed me to scan my own lunch

Security Risk Management: Proactive vs. Reactive

Recently I was asked what is the difference between proactive or reactive security management? It’s a good question and one that I have heard several times recently. For me reactive is dealing with or responding to an incident or situation or question…..with

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Physical Security Breach – The Diamond Geezers

In the wake of the recent hack at Ashley Madison there is once again a focus on information security or cyber security (or whatever we are calling it this week). BUT as you may have seen in the news today

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