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Corporate Security: Is security keeping up with the Kardashian’s?

Upwards of £8m stolen is a serious heist in anyone’s book, to put this into perspective the Hatton Garden robbery in April 2015 was estimated at £14m. Further information is slowly trickling through about the incident but the fingers are already

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Corporate Security: Stay Safe Run, Hide, Tell

An information film that provides advice on the steps to take to keep safe in the event of a firearms or weapons attack has been released to the public by National Counter Terrorism Policing. Recent events around the world remind

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Physical Security: National Counter Terrorism Awareness Week 2015 #CounterTerrorismUK

Today sees the launch of national Counter Terrorism Awareness Week 2015, a campaign from the police service and partners to inform the public about the terrorism threat; what is being done to tackle it; how communities can help, and offering

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Physical Security Breach – The Diamond Geezers

In the wake of the recent hack at Ashley Madison there is once again a focus on information security or cyber security (or whatever we are calling it this week). BUT as you may have seen in the news today

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Physical Security – The ‘Ring of Steel’ is replaced with a ‘Ring of Copper (s)’

Beefed-up counter-terrorism tactics are being introduced in the City of London two decades after a “ring of steel” was put in place around the Square Mile. City of London Police have carried out three years of research looking at the

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Home Security: How Burglars Use Social Media

This is an interesting infographic. The most important detail that the burglar needs is your address don’t post it online…..anywhere! This has been supplied by Distinctive Doors. How Burglars Are Using Social Media infographic

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>Police Oracle Latest Cartoon


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