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Email Security: Do people get fooled by these emails? #phishing #scam

Landing in my inbox today is an email from the FBI, yes an actual email from the FBI (or so it would have me believe)! From Special Agent TIMOTHY GALLAGHER on behalf of the FBI Director COMEY (who is the

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Cyber Security : The Cyber Streetwise Campaign via @cyberstreetwise

A new campaign launched by the UK government is focusing on changing attitudes to online security among consumers and small businesses, called Cyber Streetwise. Cyber Streetwise is urging people to take five actions in order to protect themselves and others from cyber crime: Use

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Online Security: The 12 Online Frauds of Christmas

The City of London Police is committed to preventing, detecting and disrupting fraudulent activities throughout the UK. Working with the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB), Get Safe Online and Action Fraud, they have created the twelve online frauds of Christmas

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Get Safe Online Week (22-25 October 2012)

Get Safe Online Week is almost upon us, and they promise a week of information, activities and awareness about online safety and cybersecurity never before seen in this country … let alone anywhere in the world. The aim: pick up

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