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Final Update: Diploma in Security Management

The year has whizzed by and that’s it 5 modules and 10 assignments completed (my final 2 submitted today) of the Security Institutes Diploma in Security Management. All I need to do now is await my final pass marks whilst

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Update: Security Institute Diploma in Security Management

With module 4 now submitted (2 days prior to the deadline) I am now onto the final module, so that’s only 2 more assignments and then done! Module 4 was an interesting couple of assignments. The first 1500 words was

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Progress Update: SyI Diploma in Security Management

I am now over half way through the Security Institutes Diploma, having completed 6 assignments (3 modules). So far my results have been pretty good with distinctions on each……. Oh yeh! I undertook the Diploma to not only gain a

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My Security Institute Diploma in Security Management (Module 2)

Just a very quick update on how things are progressing. I started the Diploma at the end of September and needed to submit my first two assignments by the 6th December, which I have done. I am just waiting for

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