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Physical Security: Would you publish a video tour of your data center online?

I’m not too sure many companies would put video tours of one of their most sensitive assets on the internet? Data centers are generally considered one of these and often attract the ‘gold standard’ of protection, but could such a

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Home Security: How Burglars Use Social Media

This is an interesting infographic. The most important detail that the burglar needs is your address don’t post it online…..anywhere! This has been supplied by Distinctive Doors. How Burglars Are Using Social Media infographic

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IT/Cyber Security: How hackers exploit ‘the seven deadly sins’

By Prof Alan Woodward Department of Computing, University of Surrey. Originally posted on BBC. Cybercriminals are more than willing to exploit instincts which make users vulnerable The phenomenon of “social engineering” is behind the vast majority of successful hacking. This

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Personnel Security/Social Engineering: Economic Espionage – Piece of Cake via CPNI

Economic espionage costs the UK billions every year. It can have a major impact on business and jobs through lost contracts, company failures and redundancies. This video is a bit cheesy but the messages are clear!

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Personnel Security: 2 Day Internet Investigations/Open Source Intelligence Course

I have spent the last two days on an Internet Investigation course (aka Internet Intelligence or Open Source Intelligence) and I must say its one of the best courses I have attended! I consider myself to have a fairly high

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Personnel Security/Social Engineering: Amazing mind reader reveals his ‘gift’

This video delivers a very clear message…….

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Security: A cautionary tale about falling victim to economic espionage via the CPNI

This is an interesting video and demonstrates how easy it is to squeeze out minor pieces of information which could have massive implications for individuals or organisations.

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