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My first 100 hours as a Security Institute Director #itsyourinstitute

Since Tuesday I have received a great deal of congratulations messages and I feel proud to be able to represent my industry peers in the future development of the institute.  Unfortunately in my first 100 hours I haven’t achieved a

Fraud & Security – Social Engineering Awareness Workshop via @Jenny_Radcliffe

Social engineering is becoming increasingly common as a means by which fraudsters gain access to companies’ and organisations’ data and systems. Employees are tricked by fraudsters into breaching security protocols or giving away information – exploiting people as the weakest

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Security: PCI DSS + Sensitive Area’s + Childish Humor = Not a Good Combination!

This morning I was looking around for some inspiration for a self assessment security questionnaire and of course the PCI-DSS came top of my Google search list. It was even more interesting to see that ‘Public Facing’ is referred to

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Where tho art thou security professionals?

Sometimes I think that the corporate world is a wash with security professionals. I’m not going to get into the debate of what is a security professional as even leading industry bodies don’t (or can’t) define this but I mean

Security Management: Busy Busy!

Sorry things have been a little quite recently. This is largely due to topical security related things being very few and far between and also me starting a new job. Although I will still maintain the ‘don’t talk about the

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