>Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) Goes Viral!


Wow the CPNI is now very much public! I think this is a very brave move but I’m positive it will be a successful one. CPNI are already the public face of MI5 and a new series of YouTube videos have taking things a step further. 

What a fantastic idea, opening up their vast source of knowledge to the masses. Hopefully they will add some other resources for PhySec, PerSec and InfoSec to the channel. My head is spinning with ideas but being able to integrate their PerSec guidance into training modules (e-learning specifically) via a short video would be really useful!

There are currently 3 videos listed on the CPNI channel, they are 


One of the CPNI Channel Video’s

About the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI): they provide integrated security advice (combining information security, personnel security and physical security) to organisations which make up the national infrastructure. Their advice helps to reduce the vulnerability of the national infrastructure (primarily the critical national infrastructure) to terrorism and other threats to national security.

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