>Congratulations I Am A Lottery Winner!


I woke this morning feeling unusually positive, I went about my routine as usual and looked forward to reading my blackberry and clearing my messages before I got to the office. I clicked my way through the message and to my surprise I found that I had won the National Lottery. I decided to wait until I got to the office to look at it properly. With a new found spring in my step and a plan on how I was going to resign I continued my journey.

I logged on to my computer and scrolled through my messages to understand just how much I had won…..
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After much deliberation I clicked on the attachment and found this….

Phew that was close, fortunately I hadn’t spent the money and in all honesty I wasn’t happy with what I scribed in my resignation but on the upside I actually have something to post on this blog which Paul is pretending to be happy about.

Please take note of the email address it originated from and the email subject line – not that any of our security or fraud colleagues would fall for such a poorly executed scam!

Security is simple but fraud prevention is at times just too easy, note where Watford is, need I say more.

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