Corporate Security: Is security keeping up with the Kardashian’s?

Upwards of £8m stolen is a serious heist in anyone’s book, to put this into perspective the Hatton Garden robbery in April 2015 was estimated at £14m. Further information is slowly trickling through about the incident but the fingers are already beginning to be pointed towards Kim’s security team and other possible security breaches.

Kim Kardashian’s bodyguard Pascal Duvier was with the other family members Kourtney and Kendall at the Arc nightclub less than two miles away. I’m not saying for one minute he was out partying, he was highly likely to be working, having been ‘dispatched’ as Kim was ‘safely’  within her luxury and deemed secure apartment. I’m sure questions have been asked about this (especially by husband Kayne West).

Earlier in the week Kim had another scare when prankster Vitalii Sediuk slipped past her security and tried to kiss her famous backside. There are also reports of photographer who closely followed her and even posed as a policeman to gain entry to a restaurant Kim was dining at.

Just because an apartment or hotel is expensive doesn’t mean it’s secure! Paris Hotel No Address

Travel security is an interesting subject and seems that for the Kardashian’s it’s rather inconsistent. Whenever you see them in the public eye they have a mini army around them, in fact when they arrived back in New York yesterday they had no less than 10 vehicles, 15 bodyguards and a group of local police officers. BUT in France within her hotel for some reason the perceived risk was lower?!

Did social media posts help the Paris robbers? 

Social Media RisksSocial media is an interesting topic, most corporate security professionals will be aware of the excellent intel this can provide someone who wishes to do their business, executives (and their families) and/or employees harm. On the flip side A-listers are obsessed with posting everything minute of their extravagant lives online. In fact Kim posted a picture hours before the raid showing her £3m 20ct diamond engagement ring….maybe she geo tags her images also (the hotel’s name is ‘No Address Hotel’ for a reason)? Should your security detail be using social media?

In the right hands this is very useful information that can be exploited as much or as little as someone needs to.

What’s next?

I’m sure further details will continue to come out but not only was a great deal of jewellery stolen but also two smartphones. The robbers may not care for these or even know their true value, but dependent upon what is on these devices and how securely Kim has them locked them down the £8m could be extremely insignificant. We shall wait and see what if any demands are made regarding these but I fear we haven’t heard the last from these…

I honestly feel that A-listers could really benefit from engaging with Corporate Security professionals who in my opinion have a very rounded/holistic view on security risk management and are not just boots on the ground focused.


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