>Counter Terrorism: Potential Indicators of Terrorist Activities or It's Probably Nothing, But….


‘It’s probably nothing’ but your call could save lives – that’s the message of a Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) counter-terrorism publicity campaign which seems to get reincarnated each year. It’s supported by radio, poster and 1.4m leaflet drop to households in London.

Overall its actually a good campaign and asks the public to question the norm – just in case it’s something much more.

This however compares to the recently publicised FBI campaign which includes these actions as deemed ‘suspicious’:

  • Using multiple mobile sim cards 
  • Pays with cash 
  • Communicates using VOIP 
  • Uses encryption 
  • Trying to shield your computer screen from others 
Sound familiar? Some of these are basic security measures which I and people I know do, but are we terrorists – I think not! The full details of the 25 FBI campaigns can be viewed here.

So its MPS 1 – FBI 0
In the UK call the confidential 
Anti-Terrorist Hotline


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