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This week the Centre for Protection National Infrastructure (CPNI) released a Public Realm Integration document which although looks like it has been designed by Saatchi & Saatchi it offers some very good information about when and what you should consider when deploying any HVM in the public realm. It is arguably that it provides quite a bit of detail which could be used to combat the hostile vehicle threat but its available in open source on their website, so one would consider it has passed any vetting.

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the document

In any case we post it to support the continued interest and development of this area and to share with our visitors who otherwise would not visit the CPNI website.


We would be interested in any comments you have in relation to this and maybe continue a discussion through other postings. In the meantime, Enjoy.

The document mentions ‘CPNI is keen to encourage public realm designers to consider protective security at project inception. There is a need to design innovative and integrated solutions that protect sites deemed to be vulnerable to vehicle borne threat, whilst not diminishing functionality or aesthesis’.

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