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new campaign launched by the UK government is focusing on changing attitudes to online security among consumers and small businesses, called Cyber Streetwise.

Cyber Streetwise is urging people to take five actions in order to protect themselves and others from cyber crime:

  • Use strong, memorable passwords
  • Install anti-virus software on new devices
  • Check privacy settings on social media
  • Shop safely online – always ensuring to check online retail sites are secure
  • Keep software and application patches up to date

These are the basics that most of us know (or should) but presumably there is a large proportion that don’t. I actually really like the way that the £4m (yikes) campaign is put together and it’s catchy and simple to understand. Its  also everywhere (pictured), this alone should make it very successful.

I also think the blend with Physical Security is great and something which doesn’t happen often…..but we all know it should!

I’ve read a few comments posted on various websites/forums from some ‘information security professionals’ that are moaning that the campaign is teaching your ‘grandma to suck eggs’ or that it contains ‘nothing new’, but come on guys remove yourselves from behind your xbox and realise that it’s aimed at SME’s who might not have large infosec teams and/or members of the public who don’t necessarily have the expertise that you guys have……surely some education is better than nothing at all?! P

A college of some of the images and posters seen around!

A collage of some images and posters seen around!



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