>Drug Dealer's 4X4 Becomes Crime Prevention Weapon


Date: Thursday, December 29, 2011
Source: Cliff Caswell – Security Oracle

A deluxe 4X4 seized from theproceeds of a convicted drug dealer is being used by Kent Police vehicle todeter other would-be criminals, it has emerged.

The Range Rover Sport – reclaimedunder the Proceeds of Crime Act – has been branded with anti-crime messages andis being parked up where warrants are being executed. And after the previousowner was sent to prison for 18 months, officers said that the luxury car wouldmake other offenders realise how much they too could lose.
As well as being used tohighlight where warrants are being executed, the vehicle has also been involvedin a tour of prisons in the Force area and parked at other high-profilelocations.
According to Kent Police, some£3.7 million was ordered for seizure from convicted criminals throughConfiscation Orders between April and November 2011.
DI Mark Fairhurst of the Kent andEssex Serious Crime Directorate emphasised that reclaiming the spoils ofcriminality remained a priority for officers.
He added: “Criminals maybelieve they are becoming smarter at hiding assets but investigators will bringthem before the courts to recover the proceeds from their criminal behaviour.
“Not only does POCA take themoney out of criminals’ pockets and stop them using it to commit offences, itis put back into policing to reinvest in initiatives to reduce crime.”
Under POCA proceedings, offendersare given a set time to pay orders. Forces work closely with the CourtEnforcement Unit to ensure offenders are held to account within the time given.
Around £9m was recovered by KentPolice through the Act last year and £1.6 was handed to Kent Police under theHome Office’s Asset Recovery Incentivisation Scheme.
This was the second highestfigure in the UK and the highest ever for Kent.

Cliff Caswell – Security Oracle

Update by Paul

There are two cars outside New Scotland Yard which were uninsured and seized by the Met Police

Photographs by Master B Bell


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