Final Update: Diploma in Security Management

The year has whizzed by and that’s it 5 modules and 10 assignments completed (my final 2 submitted today) of the Security Institutes Diploma in Security Management. All I need to do now is await my final pass marks whilst firmly crossing those fingers.

As you know I have changed job roles this year, so it’s been difficult to squeeze in the study time (let alone contribute to my blog), also our summer has actually been pretty good so my motivation over the last few months has been difficult to find. But overall I have really enjoyed it and I have actually learnt some things.

So what’s next?! Well actually I have a few ideas and once I’ve decided I will no doubt let you know! Some of the options interest me more than others…….for example training as a yoga teacher really interests me…….

Anyway stop reading this rubbish, get outside and enjoy what’s left of the summer!!



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