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It’s now been three day’s since 5 year old April Jones went missing (and we really do wish her a safe return), it seems only a short while ago that Tia Sharpe was reported missing and then found murdered by her own step grandfather, and we all know Madeleine McCann  the Soham girls, Millie Dowler and of course Jamie Bulgar. These names resonate within our very souls and our fear levels for our children go off the scale. But… just how safe are our children and what can we do to protect them more?

The 1st thing to take into account is that there are 2 distinct types of abduction, the first is parental abduction which is extremely common, Dad snatches the children after a bad divorce, etc. The second type is stranger abduction, and this is the one that scares us most.

The names listed at the start of the article are known by us all, and more than half of them went with people they knew and trusted, leaving only a small number that have been taken by strangers, and with only 2 where we know that to be a fact. so it’s fair to say that stranger abduction is extremely rare. Stranger Abduction is so incredibly rare that in London since police records began there has never been a successful stranger abduction.

There are many people calling for children to be micro chipped like their pet’s as a way of keeping them safe, is this a good idea? Well…no. Why I hear you ask? IFID chip is what globalist want us all to have to be used to run our banking, travel and generally track every human on the plant. This would be the single biggest loss of freedom that the world has ever known.

There are various GPS tracking tag based products on the market you can buy, but these too have massive flaws, firstly they are expensive and need to be maintained, secondly if the worst should happen the 1st thing that would be ditched is the tracking device, and if a child strays while you are out shopping etc you will need to get to a computer to try to see where your child is.

The thing that you need ASAP should you lose sight of your child is help from as many people close to where you last saw them as fast as possible. This is where FIND MY CHILD comes in

Find My Child is the world’s first global alerting service and smartphone application designed to help reunite parents and lost children quickly and safely should they become separated.

All parents’ biggest fear is losing their child, it happens more often than anyone wants to admit. Nearly every parent you know will have one horror story about a separation and thankfully they almost certainly have a happy ending.

They will tell you how they turned into a headless chicken and instantly assumed they were lost or even worse … In reality, statistics show overwhelmingly that they are not lost! They are simply temporarily separated. More often than not the child has no idea he/she is missing and is happily going about playing or maybe looking in a toy-shop window, even thinking they are big and clever by going off to a toilet alone. Especially between the ages of 2-8 years old, the cases of temporary separation are numerous.

What you need in such a situation is to encourage as many people as possible to help search for your missing child. The quicker you can get lots of people looking, the better the chances of a speedy reunion.

Every second counts and the distance between you and your child potentially grows as time goes by.

The problem is how do you get people to help?

You will probably run around asking everyone in sight repeatedly giving out the description of your child, all wasting valuable time.

This is why we created the FIND MY CHILD iPhone App.

We think it’s possibly the smartest and most helpful of all smartphone App’s.

Help is quite literally in your hand.

The one thing that is needed when a child is separated from their parent or guardian is as many people as possible helping to look, and with our smartphone App that’s exactly what Find My Child does within seconds.

One of the 1st questions everyone asks is “won’t you also be telling paedophiles that a child is missing”. It’s a serious question, and one we have been careful to explore in our conversations with the Metropolitan Police Service and the Child Exploitation and On-line Protection Centre (CEOP). Both are unanimous in their welcome for such a service and say quite bluntly that Find My Child is a huge deterrent because we now have everyone in the local area alerted to a missing Child and this is the worst possible time for someone with bad intents to act.

A few facts

  1. Most child abusers are either with, or very close to, the family of that child.
  2. Predatory abductions are very rare and we all tend to hear about them, again family abductions make up the vast majority, and FMC is a tool that can be used to help if a situation like that occurs.
  3. If you are a predatory child snatcher you realistically have more chance of being struck by lightening than being in the right place at the right time when a localized alert from FMC is sent, and even then you find out when everyone near you does too. Remember, the more people that have the App, the greater the deterrent and it costs nothing to help.
  4. The nature of the technology we use means that if an investigation had to go further the Police would be able to track all devices that received the alert and eliminate or investigate people quickly.

We are currently working closely with the UK’s largest single police force, The Metropolitan Police, in order find a way of feeding the alerts directly into their systems as a ‘non-emergency’ event. If we can get our systems working together It would mean that if you need to call the police they should already be in possession of a current image of your child and the last seen location. This will save valuable time and resources helping all concerned.

The App is Free to download and receive alerts for other, but there is a subscription to be able to activate it and send alerts yourself, it’s currently 69ppa but if you go to the Find My Child site you can activate for free !

Obviously the App relies on numbers, so get everyone you know to download the App now, because together we can make a difference.
Readers of Chatback Security can subscribe for the rest of 2012 for free using code fmcfree2012 enter it via this link and follow the instructions.

FindMyChild the worlds 1st Social Helpwork.



Email: FindMyChild

If you have any information regarding a crime please contact Crimestoppers or the Police. 


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