Fraud & Security – Social Engineering Awareness Workshop via @Jenny_Radcliffe

Social engineering is becoming increasingly common as a means by which fraudsters gain access to companies’ and organisations’ data and systems.

Employees are tricked by fraudsters into breaching security protocols or giving away information – exploiting people as the weakest link in the information security chain.

The fraudsters’ techniques can involve physical access into buildings, email phishing and telephone calls, but a new breed of attacker is also now being seen, apparently using more psychological methods involving building trust relationships and using corporate websites, industry forums and social media sites.  Attackers get to know a company and its people so well that they can use employees to compromise their own organisation.

As fraudsters continue to seek more sophisticated methods of attack, your organisation needs to ensure that its employees are made fully aware of how they can be targeted.  Your staff need to understand the dangers, and be constantly vigilant.

This valuable, extremely topical one-day workshop – led by social engineering expert Jenny Radcliffe – will give you the tools to instill a culture of awareness among your employees, and help prevent your company or organisation being the victim of fraud.

The training is held Wednesday 15th March 2017 or Wednesday 7th June 2017 Central London

For details how to book please contact Judith on (+44) (0) 1303 261465 or email or via this website


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