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Below is a guest post from SpyTown.com on the topical subject of travel safety.

Traveling is a wonderful experience, and whether you’re traveling abroad or going to the beach for a week, safety should always be on the forefront of your mind. After all, you want to have a great trip that you’ll remember for years to come with a smile on your face – rather than thinking about that day you got pick pocketed! Here are some tried and true travel safety tips to keep your travels safe and secure.

Keep An Eye On Your Luggage

We all fear that the airlines will lose our luggage, but what about it being stolen? There is an unfortunate amount of travelers that experience just this every year, and it’s as easy as someone else picking your bag up from the baggage claim belt. Be sure to stand close to where the luggage is coming out of the belt or near where you’re collecting it, and keep a keen eye out for your bag. Black, nondescript bags are prime targets, so choose luggage in a brighter color or pattern, or affix colorful ribbons to your luggage so you can easily pick it out as yours. Thieves will be less likely to steal luggage that can be easily identified as another’s.
Stay Smart With Street Smarts
We know that we should wear a money belt and not take any short cuts when walking around a city, but well, when we’re busy or feeling rushed, those go right out the window – right with our wallet! Commit to street smarts while traveling: always wear a money belt, do not take short cuts (like cutting through an alley, no matter how short it is), do your best to walk as if you know where you’re going, and keep a relatively low profile so as to not attract unwanted attention.

Use That Copier Machine

Getting a passport or driver’s license stolen is a scary experience, especially if you’re abroad. Keep your passport in the hotel safe, but make multiple copies of it, and bring those along with you when you’re out and about – never the original! You may need to carry your original driver’s license with you, but keep copies of it in the hotel safe, in your luggage, and with family members at home. In addition, be sure to send a copy of your passport to your embassy, should you be traveling internationally, so they are very aware you are overseas.

Secure Your Hotel Like You Secure Your Home

You wouldn’t leave your front door unlocked, would you? Well, we hope not! Same goes for a hotel – hotel thefts are fairly common, so always lock and deadbolt the door. Keep money and important documents in the safe – not lying around or in your luggage. Just as you wouldn’t walk around your neighborhood alone at night, only leave your room or walk along hotel corridors at night with hotel security or one of your travel partners.

These are just a handful of travel safety tips – what travel safety tips do you live and travel by? Share with us by leaving a comment!

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