Guest Post Physical Security : Should You Invest In Mobile Alarm Monitoring?

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As burglars learn new ways to gain access into your home, it is important for you to stay current on new technology advances that can assist you in protecting your home and family.  As our world becomes more on the go and advanced due to smart phones and new gadgets, more security companies have begun to integrate their systems with newer technology, making it easier and more efficient to keep your home and family safe.

Web and mobile access to home alarm system is quickly gaining popularity as more and more people are relying upon their mobile devices to help them with more tasks. There are now even easy-to-use applications that can be quickly downloaded on most web-enabled mobile devices to manage your security system straight from the application. Most apps allow you to use a computer or cell phone to remotely access, control and adjust your home security system.

 Reasons to Consider Investing In Remote Alarm Monitoring

  • If you travel a lot for work, school or even if you are planning on taking a trip in the near future.

–          Having remote access security is a great option for homes that may not be occupied for long periods of time, during the day, or even just on weekends.

  • If you have children or elderly family members living in your home.

–         Remote access security system monitoring is a great way to keep an eye out on family members that need to be checked on 24/7. If you need to run an errand or have to work, having the ability to view security cameras from your cell phone or computer makes it easy to know where they are and that they are safe at all times.

  • Check on Mr. Whiskers and Fideo.

–          Pets are a part of the family as well. If you simply want to check on your pets, or if you suspect they may be tearing apart your furniture, simply check the surveillance cameras from your phone or computer. You will have access to hours of surveillance from wherever you are.


You can use cellular/web alarm monitoring to:

  • Remotely access your security system to arm or disarm it from your laptop or cell phone
  • See your kids come home from school via your computer or cell phone
  • Keep tabs on your home when you’re away with real-time email & text alerts

See if remote monitoring options are of use for you and your family.

This post is from Protection 1®, one of the largest and most respected alarm monitoring companies for home security systems, business security systems and multifamily security systems.


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