Guest Post: The Zombie Killing (Security) Industry

You probably saw the recent 2013 budget-based Channel 4 news report on “Zombie Britain”. Zombies seem to be getting everywhere of late; TV, films, video games etc., but it is obvious the UK economy isn’t doing quite so well. Even Goldman Sachs’ Chief Economist Jan Hatzius had to admit he expects “another relatively weak year for growth” and just two hours prior to our sitting down to write this, The Evening Standard posted an article with the headline “The UK’s economic outlook is still chilly”.

Chilly as it’s been however, there’s still one sector consistently bucking the downward trend: the “Zombie killing” security industry.

We recently posted a blog on our own site about Loss Prevention, which was in part a reaction to the sudden increase in the amount of security jobs being advertised in that sector. Businesses are clearly feeling the pinch, in particular retailers, who are dealing not only with the recession but with the inevitable movement of custom to the internet. A long line of household names have stumbled toward inevitable liquidation, with Blockbuster becoming the latest example of the escalating crisis on the UK High Street.

For those retailers remaining in business, it’s not only profit margins that are important, but also the need to protect assets and cut losses as best they can. This has led to a surge in job titles such as “Head of Profit Protection Safety & Loss” and “Loss Prevention Officer – High End Retail”. You only have to glance at the openings being advertised to see that the rewards for these roles range from £50k to £100k per year – hardly the price tags of a so-called Zombie nation.

The need to protect one’s assets also benefits another lucrative sector of the industry: electronic security systems. Both homes and businesses are benefitting from the latest state of the art security systems, creating the need for skilled individuals to not only design and manufacture them, but sell, install and maintain them too. There are hundreds of well-paid job roles out there for installation and maintenance engineers, sales managers and business developers, at all levels.

With money from the High Street moving online, fraud and theft have quickly followed, contributing to a third growth area, this time in IT and Cyber Security. High profile news stories about (mainly Chinese) government sponsored hacking have fuelled fears of all-out ‘cyber-war’ and highlighted the need for more qualified individuals in this area. In fact, there’s been a lot of concern that there aren’t nearly enough trained individuals to cover our needs. Again, these highly-skilled job roles start at £50k a year and one would imagine that the sky’s the limit.

These three main areas of growth not only highlight the fact that the security industry is effectively recession-proof but that increasingly, brains are becoming more important than brawn. As in the majority of other industries unaffected by the economical Zombie outbreak, technology is the real driving force behind the growth and, barring a wholesale apocalypse, we can probably expect further rapid expansion in the future. So if you’re looking for a new career, or even for a way to boost your earnings, a security job might be the best route to follow.

About the author: Isaac Howlett is the General Manager at JobSecurity, one of the UK’s longest-running specialist security job boards. For free, impartial advice on how to get into security, as well as access to the latest industry jobs, visit the site today and create a free profile. Security industry recruiters can also take advantage of a three month free trial.


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