>Happy Birthday to us…..Happy Birthday to us……….1 Year Old!


Well we have been doing this security blog a year now and Paul and I would like to thank everyone that has supported us during this time.

When we first started out we thought this forum could act as a place for likeminded people to visit, comment and challenge some of the developments that were happening in the security world, or if nothing else gave us the opportunity to share our personal opinion.
We thought if we got a few visits and a little interest it would justify our input and help develop some of our skills. But to date with well over two thousand visits to the blog from all over the world and collectively over 1200 twitter followers of both @chatbacksy and @securityspeak in our first year it’s amazing and definitely surpasses any of our expectations.

We are very keen to use this forum to enable others to share opinion and experience by being a guest blogger and believe we have been successful in bringing the right type and tone of topics by our guests and would like to continue to encourage anyone from the security profession to contact us if they have anything the wish to share and it be published. We are really happy with the positive and constructive feedback we have received and are not surprised to find that some of the topics we have mentioned have not been as well received by a few, (you know who you are) either way we thank you all for your visit.

Anyone who manages a blog will now it is very difficult to keep it fresh, current and with the right amount of content to engage with our followers. Neither of us are Stephen Fry and every once in a while you’ll find a spelling mistake or two but I would like to personally thank my friend and co author Paul for all his attention to the detail. More often than not Paul ends up tidying my attempt at a posting up and certainly keeps the blog the looking fresh and professional in line with our brand. Without his significant help and other guest bloggers the Chatback Security blog could have easily turned into me just ranting every once in a while.

We promise we will continue to try and bring you our opinion on all security related matters and compliment this with what’s going on in the world, but in the meantime Thanks again and Happy Birthday Chatback Security.



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