Happy New Year! Security Predictions for 2014…

Predictions for 2014

There are some major events planned for 2014 including the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia (Volgograd has had some recent terrorist incidents), the World Cup in Brazil in July (what more can I say), the Glasgow Commonwealth Games in July/August, the Scottish Independence Referendum in September and in December the scheduled withdraw UK of troops from Afghanistan.

Each of these may bring some interesting security challenges and of course not to mention the inevitable data losses, leaks and incidents that will no doubt occur throughout the year! Cyber criminals will continue to find new and entrepreneurial ways to take our money or to steal our identities and we may even see a move away from targeting large organisations and branching out into SME’s or even individuals (but probably in order to target FTSE 100’s). The next round of Snowden document releases will hit the media and reveal the deepest secrets of our domestic and foreign intelligence services.

Whatever happens its guaranteed to be an interesting 2014 but lets hope its a safe and secure one for all of us.

Does anyone else have their own security predications for the year?

– Paul


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