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Firstly happy new year everybody and let’s hope it’s a good one! And secondly apologises for being a little quiet recently but we have to juggle Chatback with our day jobs and things have been a little busy recently.

We have lots of plans for Chatback in 2011 (and beyond). We will continue to provide news, views, advice and gossip from across the security world. We will also bring you more guest bloggers who will cover some of areas which we don’t have a specialism in, for example Fraud (which generally takes place due to a security breakdown or breach……apparently).

We are also considering designing a website but we have very little experience in this area so it may take some time – unless anybody out there wants to do one for us and we can come to some agreement on some free advertising!?!

Both Rich and I are going to endeavour to publish more self written blog articles however as we don’t and won’t write about our day jobs this can be a little restricting,  failing that we will of course beg, borrow and steal…….I mean butcher whatever else that is available in the public domain!

2011 let’s hope it’s a good one for us all.


For more information about me please checkout my Linkedin profile at http://uk.linkedin.com/in/padrury/

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