How to deal with a security breach….Old Trafford bomb error a ‘devastating mistake’

Can there be anything worst for a security company then the mistakes made in the lead up to the home match of Manchester United and Bournemouth? Of course this is in relation to the fake bomb that was left behind in a toilet cubicle after a training exercise the previous week.

Chris Reid - Director of Security Search Management & Solutions Ltd

Chris Reid – Director of Security Search Management & Solutions Ltd

In this example it appears to be a catalog of mistakes and errors which ultimately ended in a serious incident. Not least the reported £3m (ish)  that it’s going to cost Man United and the cost of the emergency services response and whatever else comes out of a potential inquiry.

In my opinion fair play to security boss Chris Reid at Security Search Management & Solutions Ltd (the person who has publicly accepted responsibility). He is a very small fish in a large pond at the moment. He isn’t one of the security sector giants with their large media budgets and prickly internal counsels but he has stood up in front of the national press (and in turn the country) admitted HIS mistakes, apologised and even given into the fact that his business is probably now doomed.

The many mistakes are inexcusable and I’m not trying to say this is not a big balls up and now no doubt the whole security industry will be chastised for it’s lack of professionalism and poor licensing standards but I do respect Chris Reid for what he has done post event.

In my opinion CEO’s, CISO’s and many other senior people in large corporate businesses should sit back and learn from Mr Reid….this is how to react in the aftermath of a security breach!


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