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While security managers today are tasked with many things, the overall goal remains to maintain the confidence, integrity and availability of your organization. The key to securing your organization is in having a strong team.

That’s why ISC2 are bringing you The Need to Know for Security Managers – a 10 part series including security webcasts, case studies, ebooks and more. Each week, you’ll receive one email with this valuable information providing you with tools, tips and practices you can use to help you build a secure team. Register now to receive your first part of the series.

  • Week 1: Initial Steps to Developing a Security Plan
  • Week 2: Turbulence in the Clouds
  • Week 3: The Perils of Inadequate Security Practices and Helping Senior Management Understand the Risks to their Department or the Organization
  • Week 4: The Need for New Tools
  • Week 5: Working with HR to Develop End User Awareness Training: Why is it Necessary?
  • Week 6: The Need for Containment
  • Week 7: Security in the Skies – Cloud Computing Security Concerns, Threats, and Controls
  • Week 8: Making Security a Business Enabler
  • Week 9: Software Security in a Flat World
  • Week 10: Unlocking Security Awareness

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