Information Security: Q – When is bad security good? A – When you catch a pervert!

A 46-YEAR-OLD man’s secret computer stash of child pornography was discovered after he asked a workmate to record a television programme, a court has heard. Nicholas Hill, of Belvoir Crescent, Newhall, handed a memory stick to his colleague, who made the shocking discovery of almost 300 indecent images when she went to copy the programme.

The USB Police

Hill was put on probation after admitting four counts of downloading indecent images of children in a hearing at Derby Magistrates’ Court.  Peter Bettany, prosecuting, told the court: “The person put the memory stick in her computer and up came a lot of images.

“After a lot of discussion at work, police were called.”

“The defendant made initial denials, saying there was nothing on the USB stick, but then made full admissions.”

“He said that he had been collecting that sort of pornography over a number of years.”

Police who examined the memory stick found 279 images in the mildest category and six which were slightly more serious. Magistrates ordered the destruction of computer equipment seized from Hill’s home. Natalie Clynes, defending, said her client had never been in trouble before and had pleaded guilty immediately, as well as being frank with the police.

She said: “It is not easy when confronted with allegations of this nature to admit at the outset what has been going on.

“He is a man of good character and has lost that as a result of this conviction. Hill regrets committing this offence and clearly took computer use to another level.

“The police still have all his equipment and he will not purchase any more. He will access the internet in the public library so there is no risk of repeat offending.”

Hill was put on probation for three years and must attend a community sex offenders’ group work programme. If he buys computer equipment, he must allow it to be inspected by police officers. After studying a document compiled by a probation officer, presiding magistrate Jill Steiner told the defendant: “We have carefully listened to what has been said and read the report. We are prepared to go along with the report’s recommendations.” Hill, who hopes to start a new job shortly, was ordered to pay £85 costs at £10 a fortnight.

This article was originally published on Burton Mail on 3rd September 2012


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