It’s all about me: The IFSEC Global security & fire influencers 2018 #IFSEC

IFSEC-Global-Top-influencers-in-security-and-fire-2018-Logo-e1529067335608.jpgI haven’t posted here for a while so shame on me, but I think this deserves one.  Firstly thanks to the person (highly probable) or persons (unlikely) that nominated me for this years Security Thought Leadership listing.

Since becoming a Director of the Security Institute (SyI) in May 2017 and the Vice Chair in January this year I get out ‘there’ more. Spending time at events and of course posting on the interwebs (albeit not on this blog, doh I must try to fix that…although I do use twitter/LinkedIn loads). I guess there are pro’s and con’s to this but on this occasion it’s proven itself to be really positive!

I don’t mind saying WE have achieved a lot. Now I say WE because it’s not just down me but the entire team. In the SyI we have a large team (over 2600 to be precise) it’s not just HQ, the BoD’s but also our our members. A lot has changed in the last 18ish months and whilst I sit here typing (abroad and away from my kids on Father’s Day 😭) I’m feeling a little proud of that. I truly believe we have a professional body that represents our profession and our members very well! In fact better than it ever has in my 10 years of membership.

I mention this because its important, I wouldn’t (and haven’t previously) be on the list if not for the above. Someone said to me a couple of weeks are you Vice Chair purely to make your CV look good?! Not only is that total BS but anyone who knows me well will also know that isn’t the case, yes it’s something to consider of course but it’s not my main reason and never will be…maybe I will explain more on this another time.

The listing mentions my day job which is also very busy, demands on security teams (across whatever subject matter) continue to be high in order to support global business strategies, evolving technology, global mobility and the heightened global threats. This role helps me to remain current and to have an understanding how the SyI can better support it current and new members.

The IFSEC listing has an independent judging panel of over 30 international experts, lead by Grant Lecky  So I guess they thought I deserved it also. I will enjoy it whilst it lasts, bath in the glory and pimp it out at every opportunity I get 😉 and well done to the other SyI members (a special shout out to Baroness Ruth Henig CBE and Dr Alison Wakefield) who were also on the list (even those who were higher than me in the rankings)!

The full listing can be read via this link

Thanks Paul 


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