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Provided by Nicklaus Louis – Video & Media Specialist at Protect America

In an attempt to build upon the moderate success of the “Sh*t Burglars Say” video, I set out to make an ad that would go viral. Of course, that’s a task that is easier said than done.

The first step was to determine just what makes a video go viral. In an effort to do that, I began researchingALL THE THINGS! I watched every viral video from the past decade over and over again (and got paid to do it). I was attempting to craft a set of rules that our video must abide by in order to go viral.

But, apparently, compiling a complete set of rules that would guarantee a viral video is very much impossible (viral videos, much like women, are mystical creatures that cannot be understood, no matter how much time you spend with them). So I just ended up writing a script that mocks a few of my favorite viral videos.

The resulting video is “Protect All The Things” – a memetastic ad chock-full of internet goodness.

With the ad, I obviously wanted to have a little fun, but I also needed to showcase what we do. At Protect America, we pride ourselves on affordable, convenient home security that is easy to install and maintain. Our completely wireless home security system is free when you sign up for monitoring. We even save you money on installation technicians because you install the system yourself! No wires, no drilling holes in your walls, no hassle! You can even control our system with an easy-to-use mobile app. In fact, our system is fully capable of complete home automation.

To go along with the video, our creative team developed a memeriffic website that carries on the viral cheekiness while going into deeper detail about what Protect America offers. Visitors to the site can watch all the viral videos that inspired “Protect All the Things” and enter for a chance to win the Internet’s favourite gaming console, a Nintendo 64.

Since being uploaded to YouTube on May 7, the video has received over 700,000 views, and the feedback from viewers has been overwhelmingly positive.  I’d like to thank our creative team – Jeff Butler (Director of Marketing), Andrew Egan, Adrian Salas, Caroline Schaffer, Melissa Townsend, Robert Johnson, and Rylan Francis (the designer responsible for creating the “All the Things” website – and all the higher-ups – Kristopher Clauson, Matt Cardwell, Mike Nagy, Todd Lunsford, and Protect America C.E.O. Thad Paschall – who helped make the video possible.

Chatback Security says: I have been following Protect America’s videos for some time now, they are professional, clever and very funny. You can checkout more at or view their You Tube channel here (you must watch  “Sh*t Burglars Say” video its hilarious)!


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