My Security Institute Diploma in Security Management (Module 2)

Just a very quick update on how things are progressing. I started the Diploma at the end of September and needed to submit my first two assignments by the 6th December, which I have done. I am just waiting for them to be marked and I will keep you posted on how I do…..unless its bad and then I won’t!

So it’s now straight into the next two assignments and these need to be completed by the 14th February, which sounds like miles away but with Christmas in between and a few other things on my plate this could be tight!

The briefs for the next two assignments are:

  1. How real do you think the terrorist threat is to commercial sector? Explain and justify your opinion.
  2. Prepare a written briefing for a Board (you can chose any company real or imaginary) explaining why they should increase or decrease their security in relation to the threat of terrorism.

I will of course keep you posted on how things progress. Paul


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