Northern Ireland-related terrorism threat level changed to Moderate

The Security Service has changed the threat level from Northern Ireland-related terrorism in Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) from SUBSTANTIAL to MODERATE. This means that Northern Ireland-related terrorist attacks in Great Britain are considered to be possible, but not likely.

The threat level for Northern Ireland-related terrorism in Northern Ireland remains at SEVERE. The threat level for international terrorism remains at SUBSTANTIAL across the whole of the United Kingdom. This reflects the continuing threats from dissident republican groups in Northern Ireland and from international terrorists throughout the country.

The public should remain alert to the danger of terrorism and for suspicious activities and any other potential signs of terrorist activity that may be encountered.

The threat level for Northern Ireland-related terrorism is separate from that for international terrorism. It is also set separately for Northern Ireland and Great Britain. It was published for the first time in July 2010, when the threat level was raised from MODERATE to SUBSTANTIAL in Great Britain while remaining at SEVERE in Northern Ireland.

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