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The 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games will have an impact on security across the whole of the UK. The Games themselves are being held at locations across Britain and at the same time there will be the usual UK Summer events: festivals, Wimbledon, the FI British Grand Prix, etc.

If you work in the private security industry you need to be mindful of what is happening in your area before and during Games time – will you need to provide additional security? Will your business be affected? You need to plan for this now.
Similarly, if you are a security buyer then you need to be aware that there will be an unprecedented call on private security across the UK this summer. You need to make sure that your security provider(s) will be able to supply the cover you need.
SIA Fact Sheet
The full fact can be downloaded here

The SIA has dedicated a section of their website to the 2012 Games. Here you will find some useful information including:

Further details for visitors on safety and security for the games can be found at the London 2012 website

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