>Olympics counter-terrorism training offered to London burger vendors


Police want licensed mobile traders to help spot suspects who may be looking at potential targets for 2012 Games.
Burger van workers and other licensed mobile traders are being offered free counter-terrorism training to help them spot suspects who might be reconnoitring potential targets in the runup to the Olympics and Paralympics.
The on-street presence of people selling food and drink in London – from ice-cream to baguettes, pizzas and hot dogs – means they are well placed to “contribute to effective surveillance“, according to environmental health experts.
The training is being offered by the Metropolitan police and Westminster council and builds on an existing scheme in which business representatives attend courses to get tips on “hostile reconnaissance“, what to do in case of an attack – including the ‘dos and don’ts of bombs’ – and understanding police communications and cordons.
But not all traders will find themselves on the right side of the law. Many will be subject to spot checks to establish that they are operating legally and safely, with those suspected of breaches having their names, dates of birth and nationalities passed to police and the UK Border Agency(UKBA) for investigation of possible criminal links and their immigration status.
Source: The Guardian – click on the link to read more
Comments from Chatback……..the total number of people involved in the security operation is apparently around 45,000ish (including 20,000 security guards – an increase from an original figure of 10,000, and 13,000 military personnel, and 12,000+ Police officers (in London)). Not forgetting that these numbers are directly linked to the Olympics and it does not include the additional numbers of security staff that businesses, retailers, offices will automatically add during this busy time. I don’t think we should forget that securing the Olympics is costing over £1bn (originally £600m) and with all these big numbers why on earth do we need to train ‘burger van workers’ in Hostile Recon??
All I can say is that this years IFSEC will not be ‘the largest annual security event in the UK’ the 2012 Olympics games will be!! 

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