Olympics Security – Before, During and After

For a number of years security has been a topic for conversation for anyone involved or interested in the London 2012 Games and I think its fair to say controversy  has never been far away! In the run up to the Olympics there were a number of high profile media stories and these included the placement of missiles on residential roofs in East London, the G4S blunder resulting in the increased usage of military staff (and of course potentially turning the general public against the UK security industry) and then there was the ever increasing security budget.

Nick ‘David Dickinson‘ Buckles of G4S

In the final few weeks prior to the opening ceremony a number of security professionals described the security arrangements as not being fit for purpose – how very dare they! However most of these aren’t even actually directly  involved in the security planning of the Games so I would question their knowledge.

The Women in Red

Unfortunately when any large scale event is running all incidents seem to get automatically associated to it, but even these have also been few and far between. Over the last couple of weeks London has experienced protests by various groups but this is nothing different to what we would normally experience and yes there has been the odd ‘cyber’ incident but again this is nothing out of the ordinary but they are badged as Games related. In fact the only real ‘security incidents’ could be considered as the bottle thrown onto the track prior to Usain Bolts 100m final and the ‘woman in red’ who somehow marched with Indian team at the opening ceremony.

Tomorrow (Sunday) is the Olympics closing ceremony and then we are in the transition period until the Paralympics kick off on Wednesday 29th August, the important thing is that we don’t become complacent and that we maintain our focus.  Once the Paralympic’s are concluded we can then sit back (have a well earned rest) and be proud that we have been part of the best Games ever and the largest peacetime security operation since WWII!

Well done to everyone so far, the Games have brought the security industry closer (and I include Law Enforcement in this) and this should give us some legacy (the current buzz word of choice).


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