>Part 3: Scams Awareness Month – There's Something About Mary!

>I have never received so many Scam emails but then again I haven’t sold a car via ebay before! One clear mistake is including my email address in the body of the advert, I will be changing that once I have posted this.

As you will see from the previous email the content is very similar to ‘Alan’s’ message but this time instead of a gift for his wife, its a present for ‘Mary’s’ brother in law (the email address is marybasham4real@gmail.com)! One thing you will notice from these scams is that if you reply to the message the subsequent reply is received back to your inbox very quickly………….they must be sat poised.
When I replied to the previous message I simply received an email back advising me to raise an invoice via Paypal, I haven’t gone past this stage as the invoice would include my home address and I certainly don’t want them to having that!
Don’t forget Scams Awareness Month is currently running and you can get some useful tips from the Office of Fair Trading and Consumer Direct.

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