Personal Security: CitizenAID app aims to help save lives in a terror attack



Members of the public are being encouraged to download a new mobile application in an effort to save lives during a terror attack. Developed by military and civilian medics, the CitizenAID app helps to guide people through basic first aid skills and potentially lifesaving treatments which can be administered to patients in the vital time before emergency services can arrive. It also provides other immediate actions to ensure your personal safety during such an attack.

The information is available through an app and pocketbook (but you will have to pay £1.99 for this!) and is designed to complement the ‘Run, Hide, Tell’ guidance given by the National Counter Terrorism Security Office in the wake of the Paris attacks.

The launch comes just days after 39 people were shot dead in an Istanbul nightclub attack, and a fortnight after 12 people were killed when a lorry ploughed in to crowds at a Berlin Christmas Market. Because clearly their aim is to help people, why charge £1.99 for the pocket book (which I suspect is the same as the app)? Surely the more ‘freely’ available this type of information is the better for everyone!? In my opinion, stacks of these should be available at large transport hubs, shopping centers, football stadiums etc etc…..I really don’t understand why they are charging!

It’s disappointing that the pocket book is not available until mid January…..why didn’t they delay the launch of the initiate?

Whilst I’m on my soap box, I also think its confusing the amount of different agencies and organisations that provide this type of advice. I think there should be one central authoritative source that the public and businesses can refer to. Maybe there is a current organisation that could provide this? Or maybe one should be set up by merging a few of the ones that clearly appear to do the same or very similar functions…



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