Personnel Security: 2 Day Internet Investigations/Open Source Intelligence Course

I have spent the last two days on an Internet Investigation course (aka Internet Intelligence or Open Source Intelligence) and I must say its one of the best courses I have attended! I consider myself to have a fairly high level of proficiency (get me) when it comes to the internet and have utilised it for years to gather information or just to keep up to date on the latest news! In my experience not all security ‘experts’ have experience in this area and normally they leave it too the techies and the data analyst’s. However, as security professionals we must adapt, our threats are constantly evolving (as are the persons we are trying to catch), more is being expected of us (its called ‘adding value’) and the internet means that we can be very proactive with some of our methods.

Most of you will use Google, but how many of you just use the standard search terms? Who goes that step further and uses the advanced search options? Who uses more than one search engine (different engines return different results)? Who produces a framework for their investigations? Do you know how to the access the deep web – this is after all where 95% of the information on the WWW exists?

These points are just some of the specifics that Arni Stinnissen of Toddington International covered over the two days.

The full syllabus was:

  • internet open source intelligence – including how search works
  • internet tools – translation – archive – webpage analysis
  • the advantages of different browsers (Hint: Try Firefox)!
  • foreign language search and translation
  • finding hidden and removed web pages
  • advanced search engine usage
  • saving and preserving Internet information
  • RSS and news aggregators
  • searching maps, videos and news
  • meta-search
  • searching social networks and user content
  • blogs, boards, forums, groups
  • the Deep Web
  • domain tools and IP addresses
  • privacy, security, proxy servers

What I learnt will result in my investigations becoming quicker (therefore more efficient), will also make sure that I am getting the right results and most importantly ALL of the results!

From a privacy point of view each of your respective organisations will have their own policy but remember we are only searching what already exists in the public domain.

This course would benefit your fraud and security investigations, insider threat assessments, pre-employment screening, financial services investigations, business intelligence, social media monitoring and don’t forget this isproactive tool…….and once you have the knowledge and expertise its FREE.

I could continue this post by giving you some tips, but I really can’t recommend the course enough and I think its unfair of me to give you the information that you should be hearing from the professionals (and no I’m not on commission).

If your interested in attending one of the courses please use this link. Many thanks to Arni at Toddington and Judith at the Conference Network.

The Deep Web explained


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