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Hatton Garden Heist In the wake of the recent hack at Ashley Madison there is once again a focus on information security or cyber security (or whatever we are calling it this week). BUT as you may have seen in the news today the safety deposit box company that was burgled in Hatton Garden over the Easter weekend has gone into liquidation due to a down turn in business directly linked to the bad publicity post incident.

The building (88-90 Hatton Garden) is where a number of businesses are based and Police think the thieves initially got in via a communal entrance before putting a lift out of action so they could climb down the shaft into the basement where the vaults were located. They then drilled through the 46cm concrete vault wall to enable access, here they emptied some 70 safety deposit boxes containing millions of pounds of items.

The heist has revealed a number of physical security gaps and not least the alarm response procedures (an often forgotten area). It also highlights you should consider the weakest links, one of these being a communal entrance used by various companies. This goes to prove that Physical Security needs continued focus and unfortunately for this business it’s too late. After all who wants to use a business to protect their most valuable assets that has suffered a major security breach.

A timeline for the incident is below and here is another very good one via The Mirror:

  • 2 April: 21.19 lock doors for Easter weekend
  • 2 April: 21.23 ‘Mr Ginger’ descends to the vault, followed by three men pulling wheelie bins
  • 3 April: 00:21 police at Scotland Yard (at the MetCC) are informed that the burglar alarm has been triggered from Southern Monitoring Alarm Company. “The call stated that a confirmed intruder alarm had been activated at the Hatton Garden Safe Deposit Ltd
  • 3 April: 08:05 gang members talk before going to their van and driving away
  • 4 April: 21.17 ‘Mr Ginger’ goes down into vault, and is later joined by two other men
  • 5 April: 06.10 the gang members drive away from the building
  • 7 April: Scotland Yard state they are aware of the burglary
  • 10 April: The Daily Mirror releases CCTV footage
  • 19 May: The Metropolitan Police announce that they have arrested nine suspect and apologise for failing to respond to the alarm

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