Physical Security: What’s the cost of protecting a company executive?

It’s been reported that Mark Zuckerberg had security expenses of $5m in 2015, $6.2m in 2014 and $3.3m in 2013. Now that’s a hefty amount (more than some companies’ annual security budgets) and probably more than most other A-list celebrities or key public figures spend.

Apple spent just $209,000 on CEO Tim Cook’s security last year ($900k in 2014)

The COO at Facebook Sheryl Sandberg also spent $1.2m in 2015

Jack Doresy at Twitter spent $68k in 2015

Oracle’s CEO Larry Ellison was portioned $1.5 million to secure his home in 2015

Amazon spent $1.6 million on Jeff Bezos’s security in 2015

Nigel Farage the Ukip leader is spending up to $22,000 per day

No doubt Facebook also has other key execs with high security spends so across the company the $’s is not an insurmountable sum! Executive protection is big business with around 50% of Fortune 100 companies providing personal and home security to their chief executives.

Exec Protection

I actually think so what… any security spend as long as its risk based then fine BUT often it can come down to ego’s and the individuals own fears and perceptions of being liked or disliked (not least by the shareholders!).

Not only is Zuckerberg worth in excess of $35billion, he is the key figurehead for Facebook and has had direct threats made against him not least via a 25 minute ISIS video in which his face is riddled with bullet holes, this video also mentions Jack Dorsey of Twitter but his spend was just $68k!

On average the spend by a fortune 100 company to project its chief executives is around $30,000 a year – via Equilar’s

As I mentioned this kind of expense needs to be justified and no doubt Facebook has carried out threat and vulnerability assessments in order to justify it to the shareholders, but at the end of the day Zuckerberg is protecting his company, his family and of course himself….can you put a price on that?


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