Physical Security: Would you publish a video tour of your data center online?

I’m not too sure many companies would put video tours of one of their most sensitive assets on the internet? Data centers are generally considered one of these and often attract the ‘gold standard’ of protection, but could such a video be used for hostile reconnaissance and lead to potential security issues?

It has been reported previously that terrorists have used Google’s Street View for information gathering including for a Shepherd’s Bush police station and a White City Territorial Army barracks. Marketing/promo video’s have also been used previously, especially  by activist groups to identity potential weaknesses in physical security and to understand entry/exit routes into various sites and particularly at CNI including power stations (a popular YouTube video for this is ‘No Dash for Gas 21‘ regarding occupying the EDF owned West Burton gas fired power station).

Maybe I’m just being risk adverse but surely every little helps….

Check out Google’s data center video’s here  and below



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